Ascending to Meet with God – Psalm 127

1 Unless  the  LORD  builds  the  house, 
    those  who  build  it  labor  in  vain. 
    Unless  the  LORD watches  over  the  city, 
    the  watchman  stays  awake  in  vain. 
2 It  is  in  vain  that  you  rise  up  early 
    and  go  late  to  rest, 
    eating  the bread  of  anxious toil; 
    for  he  gives  to  his beloved sleep. 
3 Behold, children  are  a  heritage  from  the  LORD 
    the  fruit  of  the  womb  a  reward. 
4 Like  arrows  in  the  hand  of a  warrior 
    are  the  children of  one’s  youth. 
5 Blessed  is  the  man 
    who  fills  his  quiver  with  them! 
    He  shall  not  be  put  to  shame 
    when  he  speaks  with  his  enemies in  the  gate.  

(Translated version, original article written in Chinese by Pastor Mickey Hsiao)   

[Theme] Unless the Lord

This song of ascents from Solomon is a short psalm that many people are familiar with.  It reminds us that everything – from building a house, guarding a city, to going about our daily lives – must all be performed under the sovereignty of God.  God provides us with all we need and protects all we have received.  Yes! We must humbly admit that all we have comes from the grace of God.  If we rely only on our own labor – toiling from morning to night without God’s assistance – all that we gain would only be in vain, in vain, in vain. 

In the middle of the song, the phrase his beloved is used.  Solomon had a nickname “Jedidiah” that was given to him by the prophet Nathan (2 Sam. 12:24-25), which means Beloved of the Lord.  The verse, for he gives to his beloved sleep has been translated by some to, “For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep. What an imagery of being blessed through the knowledge of grace! 

This psalm further reminds us that children are also gifts from God.  Those that ascend great heights to meet with God still must not forget about their family.  This is especially true of our children, because they are all special blessings and gifts from God. 

Wise and God-fearing parents understand that they must raise and discipline their children according to God’s will – so that their children may become the next generation of godly people, boldly speaking up for what they believe and becoming powerful witnesses for God! 


Both you and I are beloved by God. He has already cleansed us with the blood of Jesus and will take care of us in life. We should put forth our whole heart and strength into becoming a person that obeys God’s word and pleases God. 


Come before God today and think about all that we have. Sincerely thank God for providing us with a peaceful dwelling and a family to share our lives with, because these are all gifts from God.  Without God’s provision and protection, it all just becomes vanity. 

[Memory Verse]   

Psalm 127:1  Unless  the  LORD  builds  the  house, those  who  build  it  labor  in  vain.  Unless  the  LORD watches  over  the  city, the  watchman  stays  awake  in  vain.