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The term liturgy describes the form and order of worship service. Every church has a
liturgy—it does worship service according to specific form and order. We want to be
intentional about ours. We want the order and elements of our service to help us rehearse
the realities of the gospel and facilitate our worship of God, rather than just describe the
sequence in which we do things. Here is what to expect in our worship service.

Call to Worship
This is a summons to the people of God—the New Covenant community in the Spirit—
to come together and worship our God together.

Scripture Reading
We begin to hear from God together. The presider will lead the congregation in reading a
key passage from the passage of the Bible on which the sermon is based. We ask
those who are able to stand in honor of the reading of God’s Word.

Worship in Music
We respond to the Bible’s call to worship God by singing praises to him. Following the
Bible’s command and example to praise God in song (Ps 95, 98, 149; Eph 5:19; Col
3:16; etc.), we seek to proclaim God’s glory and honor him.

Worship in Offering
God’s people give as worship to God (Deut 14:22-29, 2 Chr 31:2-19) and out of love for
one another in response to having received the Gospel (Acts 4:32-35). No one should
feel compelled to give, but do so only as they are able to do so cheerfully and with faith
(Ex 25:2, Lk 21:1-4, 2 Cor 9:7). If you are our guest, please don’t feel obligated to give.

Confession & Assurance
The more we behold a holy God, the more aware we become of our own unholiness.
The Bible calls us to respond with confession. We spend a moment to reflect and
repent, confessing our sins before God, and are reminded that when we confess our
sins, the Bible assures us of forgiveness and reconciliation in Christ.

Passing of the Peace
Having been given peace with God through Jesus Christ, we seek to extend that peace
to each other in greetings. If you are a guest with us, we won’t make you introduce
yourself. We hope you experience warmth and welcome among us.

Worship in the Word
The Bible calls us to hear the Word and do it (Lk 11:28, Jas 1:22). The goal is not to
hear a preacher’s opinions, but to worship God through hearing & receiving the
message of God’s own Word.

Respond in Song
We respond to hearing God’s Word by worshipping God in song.

Welcome & Announcements
Having been called to do life and ministry together as the family of God, and to pursue
mutual edification and sanctification in Christ, we share family news and
announcements during the service as a means of facilitating life together.

Benediction & Reflection
Benediction is a blessing for the road. Christians are called to be and make disciples of
Christ in the world. So we send the Church out in the grace and power of God. Please
take a minute or so to reflect before joining us for refreshments after service.