Ascending to Meet with God

Reading of the Psalms and spiritual devotion:

A new year is coming.  From January 3 to 28, 2022, every Monday to Friday, we invite you to join us for a reading of the Psalms and spiritual devotion; and use the “Ascending Poems” in the Psalms to draw near and meet with God. 

Psalms 120-134 are poems of “ascension,” also known as “pilgrimage” poems. Some biblical scholars point out that according to tradition, Jews would sing these songs when they went up to Jerusalem for festivals. Some also point out that Psalms 135 and 136 are also hymns used in conjunction with the ascending poems, so these two Psalms are also included for the devotional series.  

When reading the Bible, we will see that the Israelites often use “went up to” Jerusalem, not only because the city was high up and surrounded by mountains, but also because God’s Holy Temple was there.  It symbolized the presence of God.  We can read the ascending poems, ascend and advance together with the poets:  experience how the poets yearn for the presence of God, why their hearts are so eager to see God, why they worship so desperately, and praise and trust Him at the Holy Temple. 

In our daily life, we should also learn to raise our eyes “high” and move upward and forward. The main purpose is not to improve our status, but to acknowledge that God is in the “high” place.  Once we get to the high” place, we will meet and communicate with him, which helps us withdraw from the world.  In everyday life, we must make up our minds to rely on God and walk in the direction of His way, so as not to be bothered and held back by our “low” or worldly thoughts! 

This devotion series includes hymns made by our choir, scripture reading recorded by our sisters, meditation, and prayer. I hope brothers and sisters could set aside a period of time each day to see God’s face, receive His teachings, draw near to Him, and commune with Him.  This is our first task of the new year. 

Let us ascend to meet God together, draw near to the almighty true God, and experience the beauty of God’s presence! 


In Christ, 

Pastor Hsiao