CBCWLA has entrances on both Corinth Avenue and Sawtelle Boulevard. You may park at any spots on 1/F except for the three parking spots reserved for church pastors or director (the blue area shown in the picture). As we have limited parking space, please kindly reserve the parking spots to the following groups of people: 1. Staff or Speakers, 2. First-time Visitors, 3. Families with Children or Elderlies and 4. Delivery Guy.


On Sunday, you may consider the following free parking options:

  1. 1950 Sawtelle (the red commercial building right opposite to our church)
  2. Street parking

Should you park at 1950 Sawtelle, please keep the parking ticket when you enter the parking lot and park at any non-reserved spot (see picture). Before you leave CBCWLA, remember to get a validation ticket from ushers. When you leave the parking lot, insert your parking ticket before inserting the validation ticket. Please make sure to leave before 5pm. If you experience any difficulties, please use the call button on the machine or call the church coworkers for help.