Weekly Announcements



CBCWLA is cooperating with efforts by the LA County Dept. of Public Health in responding to COVID-19 and moving all ministries online. Please plan to tune-in to our 9 AM Sunday Worship Service at english.cbcwla.org/live and our 11 AM Sunday School at english.cbcwla.org/gather.

Wednesday Prayer Meetings are now also online at cbcwla.org/pray at 8 PM. Adult and youth fellowships are on Friday nights at 7:45 PM via Zoom (english.cbcwla.org/gather).

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Although we don’t know when we will be returning to in-person service yet, you can go to youtu.be/Ech5QO6fj4c for a short video explaining how we plan to keep everyone safe once we return.



If you consider EC your home, please join us at 11 am on the regular Sunday School Zoom meeting (english.cbcwla.org/gather). We will have an English Congregation Family Gathering to discuss ministry updates and hear from you! See you there!



Praise God that 3 brothers and sisters were baptized this quarter. May God bless them. The ceremony was recorded and will be broadcast on cbcwla.org/live today after Sunday School.



The annual church membership registration period is currently ongoing and will close this Saturday (10/31). Current members that have not yet received a renewal email should check their spam/junk folders, or renew their membership at cbcwla.org/members2020 before the registration period ends. You should receive an email confirming your membership once you have successfully renewed it. If you have any questions regarding membership renewal, please email Joseph Huang at [email protected]. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Pastor Nick or an English Ministry Team member for more information.



Daylight Saving Time ends next Sunday at 2 am, so don’t forget to set your clocks one hour back!



We will be observing the Lord’s Supper next Sunday during the worship service. If you are a baptized believer, we encourage you to prepare to partake with us and remember to have your bread and cup elements ready.



There will also be a coworkers’ meeting next Sunday at 1:45 PM via Zoom at cbcwla.org/meet. All coworkers are encouraged to participate. If you are a fellowship leader, you will be requested to give a brief report on your fellowship after the meeting.



Pastor Hsiao and Pastor Wang are each posting a series of articles on a Christian response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A few of them have already been translated into English and can be found here. If you’d like to help with the translation process, please contact a member of EMT. The Chinese versions can be found here (Pastor Hsiao) and here (Pastor Wang).



Got a prayer request to share? Want to give some encouragement to those who are serving? We have a new online feedback form here. Please also take a minute to fill out the form each week that you worship in the company of others, to help us get a more accurate sense of who we’re reaching through the live stream worship service. Thank you!



Join us for an informal time to hangout via Zoom after Worship Service and Sunday School in the Sunday School Zoom meeting. The link is in the YouTube video description. Be sure your display name includes your first and last name so we know who you are and can let you into the meeting!



Because we cannot gather physically, the offering will be online via Zelle. To give using Zelle, use the email address [email protected]cbcwla.org as the recipient. More information can be found here. Donations via Zelle are tax-deductible, and the Accounting Office will include these gifts in a year-end receipt to the name registered on your Zelle-linked bank account.