Weekly Announcements

Announcements for 04/21/2024



Praise God that seven people signed up to be baptized. The Baptism service will be held on Sunday, 4/28 at 1:30 pm. We invited everyone to join us! Please keep these brothers and sisters in prayer as they go through the baptism application process.


Please also mark your calendars to join us for Evangelism Night on Saturday, 4/27! Evangelism Night is a great opportunity to invite people to come to church and hear the gospel. Everyone is welcome to come, and please invite your friends, family and newcomers!


Registration for YSMP opens today and ends on 5/10. YSMP is our annual short-term mission trip to Native American reservations in Arizona. If you would like to sign up or know more information about YSMP, please contact David Chang (Missions Department).


The church’s publications solicit submissions throughout the year, regardless of theme. Brothers and sisters are welcome to submit contributions at any time. If you’re interested in submitting something for Heavenly Garden, please find more information here.


General Announcements



Praise God that after over a year of online services, our church has now reopened for a hybrid of online and in-person Sunday service and Sunday School! If it is your first time visiting in-person, please submit your contact information here so the church can contact you if anyone around you tests positive for COVID-19.

To attend our services live online, please tune-in to our 9 AM Sunday Worship Service live-stream at english.cbcwla.org/live.

Sunday School is at 11 AM in-person and on english.cbcwla.org/gather.

Wednesday Prayer Meetings are online at cbcwla.org/pray at 8 PM and in-person in Room 311.

Adult and youth fellowships are on Friday nights at 7:45 PM via Zoom at english.cbcwla.org/gather and also in-person in the Fellowship Hall.

College fellowship takes place at USC on Tuesday nights at 7 PM. Please talk to a member of EMT for more information.

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The theme of 2024 is “Missional Church. Missional Disciple”. This reminds brothers and sisters to think more about what we, as a church, should do regarding missions and how disciples who care about missions should get involved.



Our 2024 church calendar can be found here!



As more people return for in-person services, we kindly ask for brothers and sisters to take advantage of the free parking on the street. This way, we can save the church parking lot for guests, elderly, families with young children, or others who need easier access to the building.



To follow government regulations for composting food waste, the church is implementing a waste reduction and classification system. In order to correctly classify waste, the church trash cans will no longer be for food waste (including beverage cups and cans). We kindly ask that you use reusable lunch boxes which you can take home to clean or, if you use disposable lunch boxes, to take those home and dispose of it yourself. Keeping the church clean requires everyone’s participation; please also kindly remind each other from time to time. Thank you so much for your cooperation!



Offering is collected online via Zelle, using the email address accounting@cbcwla.org as the recipient. More information can be found here. Please add “English Congregation or (“EC”) ” on your electronic or check offerings’ memo section. Donations via Zelle are tax-deductible, and the Accounting Office will include these gifts in a year-end receipt to the name registered on your Zelle-linked bank account.



The church has decided to resume the lunch ticket sales system. Lunch tickets will be available for purchase at the entrance of the Fellowship Hall. Green tickets ($3) are for those who bring their own lunch boxes, red tickets ($4) are for those who need disposable lunch boxes, and yellow tickets ($1) are for children. For more details, please visit the church website.



Got a prayer request to share? Want to give some encouragement to those who are serving? We have a new online feedback form here. Please also take a minute to fill out the form each week that you worship in the company of others, to help us get a more accurate sense of who we’re reaching through the live stream worship service. Thank you!



If you test positive after attending our in-person services, please notify Brother Zhongcai Ma (our Fellowship Dept. Council) at [email protected]. The church will anonymously contact those who sat close to you so others can take precautions as well. Thank you for your cooperation!