2020 會員大會細節注意事項

各位弟兄姐妹平安 Greeting, brothers and sisters

Our annual Members’ Meeting is around the corner. Due to COVID-19, this will be our very first online Members’ Meeting. We are counting on all our members to do their part to ensure a smooth meeting. Please check back regularly as we will continue to update and refine the details. If for any technical reason that you are not able to join, please contact the church council to protect your rights to vote.

以下有幾個注意事項 Please be aware of the followings:

  1. 請更新把你使用的Zoom軟件更新到最新的版本
    Update your Zoom to the latest version
  2. 當日請勿使用Chromebook或直接透過browser加入會議,這兩種方式都會有功能上的限制
    Please refrain from using Chromebook or joining from browser, both will have limited functionalities
  3. 同一 Zoom 帳號使用以兩位會員為限
    Only up to 2 members can share 1 Zoom account/device
  4. 入場點名
    Roll call required upon entry
  5. 現場及時翻譯
    Live interpretation
  6. 投票方式
    Voting method

1. 更新Zoom軟件 / Update your Zoom

To support all the functions needed for our meeting, please ensure that your Zoom is up to date. The following video shows how to update your Zoom.

2. 請勿使用Chromebook或透過browser加入 / No Chromebook or joining from browser

Chromebook and “Join from Your Browser” both have limited functionalities, namely breakout rooms and interpretation functions. Please refrain from using these for the meeting. There are may other devices to consider: iPhone/Android phone, iPad or Android tablet, Mac or PC computers.

3. 同一 Zoom 帳號使用以兩位會員為限 / Up to 2 Members per Zoom/Device

For vote counting purpose, please limit to only 2 members joining the meeting with one Zoom account/device. If there is a third church member in your household, please use other device such as phone or iPad.

4. 入場點名 / Roll Call

會員大會當天,午堂崇拜後我們會先關閉網路會堂,再讓會員重新入。若是您是參加早堂或英文堂的弟兄姐妹,可從教會的Youtube直播來判斷崇拜結束時間(http://cbcwla.org/live),然後再用Zoom進入網路會堂(http://cbcwla.org/hall) 。
On the day of the meeting, we will momentarily close the Online Meeting Hall right after the Chinese Noon Service at around 12:30PM, and relaunch the meeting to allow members to join. EC members can check the Chinese Youtube stream (http://cbcwla.org/live) to determine when the worship service ends, and join the Online Meeting Hall (http://cbcwla.org/hall) following the conclusion of the worship service.

進網路會堂後我們需要分組進行點名。請在您的Zoom App裡找到並點選這個四格的Breakout Rooms按鈕:
After entering, we will need break into groups to take roll.. Please locate and click on the 4-square Breakout Rooms button:

The button will bring up a Breakout Room list. Please join the appropriate room based on the first letter of your last name. A coworker will be in the breakout room to assist you to check in.

If you are a couple or 2 church members joining using one device, just decide a breakout room to get into, and inform the coworkers that the other person does not have the group’s last names, we will still be able to sign the person in. After determining that the quorum is established, we will call to start the meeting.

5. 現場及時翻譯 Live Interpretation

To allow for a smooth and efficient meeting, we will be using Zoom’s interpretation feature so that the meeting can be observed in both languages at the same time. For English speaking members, you can click on the “Globe” icon and choose “English” to listen to the live interpretation.


6. 投票方式 Voting Method

We will vote for 2 motions during the meeting. To ensure that each member can vote, even those with more than one person joining using one account, we have designed our ballot with 2 questions for each vote. Each person will only choose ONE Yes or No vote from each ballot.

  • 若你是自己一人參加(一人一機),請第一題投贊成/反對後,在第二題點選『只有我』然後提交。
    If you are attending by yourself (1 person, 1 device), please answer Yea  or Nay for the first question, then choose you’re “the only one here” in the second question and submit.
  • 若你身邊還有第二位會員(二人一機),請你在第一題投贊成/反對後,讓另一位會員用第二題投贊成/反對,然後提交。
    If there is a second church members attending with you on the same device (2 people 1 device), after your finish answering the first question, please have the second person answer Yea or Nay for the second question, then submit.

The meeting will adjourn after words and prayer by the Senior Pastor.

We hope that all members will spend some time before the meeting to study the process and get prepared, so that we can have a meeting that is smooth, efficient and full of joy. Thank your for your cooperation!

理事會 The Church Council
洛杉磯西區華語浸信會 CBCWLA Baptist Church